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Live Cricket Tv

Excellent. I recommend to lounch a version for windows operating system. Brightness and volume control button should be added again. A wildlife channel is also much needed.This app is very spectacular. I like this app very much. good experience. But these app has 1 bad problem. Sports channels are not available. Plz Plz add these channels. (1)STAR Sport (2)PTV Sport And (3)TEN Sport. Thank you so much.

Good app – 2 stars for following reasons, 1. Free data posting after claim takes too much time, sometimes even no at all, 1. App is heavy, makeu UI lite & speedy. This is an amazing app because it is very usefull and we can earn coins as well as cash and watch our favorite TV channels…. Absolutely Amazing. Prwvioisly it was working well but now I am unable to claim my daily rewards I have reinstalled the app but even then that feature is not working.

I am use this app from a lot of time …this is very good app but something that you changed is not helpful for us …1) no 1st is that you reduced the quantity of coins please again increase the coins..2) no 2nd is that you also reduced the coins as well as well you also decrease the payment of coins….and that’s not pair please recover the app again in older version ….and last one is that your mb do not work please fix this problem, thanks!

This is really nice app but sometimes it cannot work really good .first of all when we subscribe a package in low network it can not play second when we take coin to the reward menu after the 3rd day it give us first day coin and it will be better if you will put low price packages, It’s a good app.. But in new versions some changes are not good like coins price reduction, discovery channels have been removed and the most important one is that it can’t be subscribed with non jazz number.

So please resolve these issues. Sometimes, it works perfectly, but sometimes there’s a big lag in streaming that it takes much time to resume. Needs bit of work. Otherwise, it is a good app.I Download this app today and subscribe weekly pkg because I just for watch ptv home But unfortunately ptv home is not available in this application, If You are Cricket Fan then this app is for you . No buffering no annoying ads .You can watch live stream of cricket match in 1080p . But other stream quality needs to be addressed (other than cricket).I’ve rated it two cuz i think something is should to be fixed 1st of all streaming it’s always cut down as “stream is currently unavailable” 2ndly some channels have the option of rewind and plenty of channel haven’t.

Paid through Jazz Cash for 30 days subscription amount has been deducted from mobile account but this app is still showing the status “not subscribed”. I think its useless app don’t waste your money on useless jazz services.I have no words how can I explain about your work… Absolutely Amazing service… Jazz tv one of the greatest application serve us with HD Quality Sport Channel… But we want Jazz tv for PC .. online Google streaming. Its free of cost app very good specially in emergency Time when you don’t have net my personal opinion is that it’s very is good working but I suggest to add such a channel where we can see IPl(Indian premier league) match 🤗😍. Without seeing Ipl on your app I consider this app is useless. Finally I’ll uninnstall your app if you will not fulfill my suggest in next update.

Hoping for good response💖. IPL lover from Pakistan. It is good app but whenever cricket match is there and jazz tv is giving live streaming for it then lot of buffering there but for that channel only Others channels works fine always. Its chnnels not start they only says stream is not available i m waiting for this to work but some channels start all of them are saying that its a bad thing why …..please slove this problem the maker of this app….thank u. This is a very good app for drammas sport,l and news.but there is data problem when data on the balance become i give 2 star.Good app but one problem here anyones sports channels not found and not found discovery channel I request you to avail this channels.

This app is sweet but need some improvement. Some new channel must be added. Specially in sports and particularly Football channels. Atleat champions League Football channel must be added. there’s also some problems to subscribed from easy paisa.I have subscribed to the monthly bundle but it still demonstrated that im not subscribed. What I even have to try to to now. In my free test period I even have noticed some issues like i cant cast it to my chromecast device.

If i’m watching live show like psl after 5 min its shows that stream end and you’ve got to refresh the stream to continue watching. App is bit laggy. And there’s no button in app for report a problem or contact to support. Again help me with the subscription issue.Awesum app really My problem is app nothing optoin showing app coin withdrow to jazz cash only option are weekly chenle showing so pl my assist you . Service is sweet but there no actual sports channels thereon , only selected matches are going to be available i want more sports channels. Also there’s no choice to stream the content to Chrome cast.

Terrible Application. Required a subscription before I could even demo the app and after payment every channel errors out with “Stream is currently unavailable”. Waste of cash and just a fast cashgrab on the company’s part. you ought to update this app and add more channels thereto . it’s a really useless app immediately . albeit it’s an honest internet connection, it can run one second and cargo for 100 seconds. Please update it and make it appear as if an honest app . This app was a really good one few years ago. and that i wont to watch psl per annum on jazz tv app.

But this year once I tried to put in this app to observe live psl matches i’m unable to urge a verification code from jazz to use this app. i attempted alot but did not get the code.When i installed and perchased 7 days. This wasn’t playing any channel but after sometime the error fixed automatically and that i am using this continuesly. Its perfact. I download this app but bol channel isn’t working so please check why bol channel isn’t working although all channels are working but only this one isn’t working so please check this problem earlier. So poor I purchased weekly pakaje. My money is consumed but still not showing me channels still saying that u got to buy irritating and waste of your time . Not recomended to anybody .

Sir jazz is best network but few days ago network coverage problem 3G service not available in at my city jungshahi (thatta) sindh so please confirm 3G service reenabled also showing 2G service i talk customer service center but not any response so i request you please 3G service re open karo many thanks . Best applications and provides free entertainment and pockets tv . i really like so mach this application .please add p tv sports on list .


better of luck jazz development . So so thanks jazz . i really like jazz. it’s a pleasant app. I even have been using it for 1 year. It’s features are great. you’ll enjoy news, entertainment and specially free mbs and packages. I’m using most apps of Jazz and they are great. i need to say that this app is sweet for watching TV channels in phone, but there are many bugs that are crashing the app, also when we’ve enough points to redeem Balance, there should be another method to cashout them like Jazz Cash & easyPaisa. & Also add more improvement in your TV channels..A good app in Pakistan for watching live tv. Still need some improvements like the amount of channels on Jazz TV is extremely low, in order that they got to add more channels (specially sports channels) like PTV Sports, Ten Sports and Geo Super.It is free on weekly mega plus. But when tried to use it, it asked for a bundle to use it. Moreover, most of the days streaming won’t work. it’s better to use channel sites for live streaming instead of this trashy app.

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