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With the US FCC passing strict judgments on the current network, using a VPN has become the best solution for protection. Using a VPN service is a great way to encrypt your Internet traffic and avoid government censorship, not to mention bypassing restrictions imposed by some providers. Internet service ISP When you connect to a secure VPN, you are able to browse the web anonymously, because a good VPN service will hide your physical location, allowing you to browse without leaving a trace, as VPNs also prevent the internet service provider from tracking all your movements on Internet.

Incognito mode simply hides your browsing history from your browser, while using a VPN allows you to hide your internet traffic from your ISP, connecting to a VPN server essentially hides your location, and connects you to a site in another area, making it difficult for a service provider. Your internet will see the sites you reach. Ways to protect computer systems from viruses were not good in 2017, and expectations for 2018 were not better, but using a VPN allows you to encrypt your connection to the Internet browser without worrying about identifying your network, as this is useful for you when You travel and surf on public Wi-Fi hotspots (for example in hotels).

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish, VyprVPN and other top-tier VPN providers all use AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption, meaning that your network is fully encrypted, making it impossible for anyone to see what you are doing online.

To always enjoy all the benefits of a VPN, it is recommended to run the service on your router, which enables you to encrypt the internet usage of all devices in your home, this way you will never have to remember to turn on the VPN every time you turn on your computer or turn on your phone when it comes to watching Content from abroad, whether it is unblock Netflix or Hulu, the VPN makes it very easy to broadcast your favorite programs. Connecting to a VPN network automatically changes your IP address, and sites that have been blocked in your area become easily available, allowing access to Almost any website and service from anywhere in the world.

You can also use a VPN to download files and torrent without worrying about your ISP focusing on your online activity, as most VPNs come with unlimited bandwidth, so there is no restriction on the amount of content you can access, and you can go to what is not. End of site to site, which is useful to you when the content is only available in certain regions. US Internet service providers now have more experience on how to market their services, as users can now expect some sites to load faster soon, While other sites may load much slower, traffic throttling in the USA is an accepted fact that is studied, detailed and documented by most of the major Internet service providers in the country (Virgin Media, BT, Plusnet).

A VPN service can help reset your network over the Internet to its original settings, and allow you to browse and download without worrying about slow download sites. Although RDHL Comcast, AT&T, and other ISPs can block VPNs, the benefits of VPN and its commercial uses The sheer and varied day-to-day makes this scenario unrealizable. Find the best deals online

A VPN service is a great way to save money for flights and hotels, by connecting to a VPN server outside of your area and comparing prices online, you may be able to save a large amount of money on rentals and flights, because most sites like Kayak and Priceline charge different amounts depending on On the user’s IP address.

Start by checking the prices in and around your site, then try to compare prices between different cities and neighboring states if possible, then try switching your VPN location to several different countries and check the same prices, and the next time you are looking for cheap flights, try using a VPN To check prices, remember to browse in incognito mode and delete the cookies after each visit.

These were the most important benefits of a VPN and if we’ve overlooked some more, let us know in the comments.

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Or what is known as the Virtual Private Network is one of the best solutions that encrypts your Internet connection or other computers by creating an imaginary “tunnel” that encrypts what the data passes through, and this means that no person or agency is able to intercept your data or activities on the Internet, even if it is The Internet service provider that you deal with and does not outperform this service other than your connection to satellites or what is known as “satellite”, but the question now is what are the advantages of using this service?

1- Without your connection to the Internet via the VPN service, the Internet service provider will have records of the sites you browse, and this represents a problem for the privacy of users. We do not know what is happening with these records because the government and for some reason it is easy to ask the Internet service provider to give them user data and we know The principle that says “What is legal is not always ethical.” Based on this and our previous knowledge of what is happening, we say that laws in the Arab world are written and not enforced. Therefore, your use of the service will allow you to encrypt your Internet connection.

2- He talked in a previous post about any website that by default records the Internet addresses of the visitors and the service provider subscribing with him, wherever he is, what type of connection, the time of the visit, and other details that make it easy to track users, but if you use the VPN service, nobody will be able Knowing your location except for the company that provides the service and this is a point that I will explain later, but what is meant is that you will use the company’s servers located in different parts of the world and this allows you to remain anonymous .- Your country’s government may have blocked a site or content for political reasons or for any other reason and you You need to visit this site, as with your use of the VPN service, you will be able to bypass this censorship with ease.

4- There are some countries that have laws regarding intellectual property rights and this may put you under the penalty of law if you download any of these materials from the Internet without officially purchasing them like what we all do, and I mean by that the Torrent, so your use of the VPN service will get away from you. Likeness and prosecution of companies to you if you have already done so.

5- If you are someone who commutes a lot and needs access to the Internet from time to time, then it is not good to use public Wi-Fi networks, whether in restaurants, airports, hotels, public parks, open places or otherwise, the use of a VPN service will increase the protection of your device and make sure you are not there Anyone who tries to spy on you or steal your accounts.- The price of the service starts from $ 5 up to $ 35 per month, depending on the type of features available such as the quality and speed of the connection and the type of encryption in each package offered by the company that provides the service and most of them, but I personally do not do that. Rather, I use the VPN Gate Client (free) service, which allows me to surf the Internet safely until this moment, and in general if we are talking about commercial companies, it is better to deal with companies from the European Union, specifically Sweden and the Netherlands, because the user protection laws there are strictly enforced from the laws of America.

7 – Ease of use of the service, even if you are a beginner in using a computer, you will not find any problem in dealing with your connections to the VPN, so all you have to do is enter the account name and password that you will get from the company and thus your connection is encrypted.

8- Supporting the service for computer operating systems, smartphones and tablets, whatever your type of Internet connection, whether Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Mozilla or Ubuntu Phone, you will find that the service is available to you – your use of the VPN service will prevent search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing from indexing or storing Your previous searches.

10- There are some services and programs that record Internet addresses of subscribers and users, and these policies are completely counter to laws protecting users’ privacy.

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