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bitcoin mining sites

First, choose the cloud mining service website you want to use, and there are many different cloud mining service websites on the Internet.
Genesis, Hashflare, and Minex are the two most popular and trusted cloud mining service sites.

This is because due to the large number of fraud and scam websites, it is very important to ensure that the company is legal and credible before starting the cloud mining business.

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You can also search for the site’s name and view people’s comments on it online, and sites like CryptoCompare can be used to learn about the site’s reputation.
Also, be wary of cloud mining service sites, as the guarantees or contracts that these sites offer look really good.

Additionally, no cloud mining service site can keep you a set return rate, recover your capital or start making profits in the short term.
Please make sure to withdraw profits to a secure wallet,

when you purchase a contract, your mining capacity will be activated immediately.
When you profit from Bitcoin, it will send a message to your account on the cloud mining service site, and then you can send it to your wallet.

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1- HashFox platform
Hahsfox Cloud Mining is the only cloud mining company that in addition to mining a certain amount of Bitcoin for you through retail purchase, it also allows the purchase of the mining platforms it hosts.

This works like this: You buy a bitcoin mining platform, but it isn’t on your computer. But it will be hosted in the company’s mining platform and qualified technicians will take care of the maintenance work for you.

Retail purchase rates start at $ 49 per 1 / TH yearly contract. You can also rent a remote mining rig.

You can register with them from here

2- The NuVoo Platform
NuVoo is a Canadian cloud mining company that is mining Bitcoin in the cloud without hardware and without maintenance costs. This is possible because NuVoo not only relies on its miners located on Canadian soil, but also on the private miners that NuVoo pays for.

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Currently there are big offers starting at $ 4.2 for the standard contract. The period, depending on the signed contracts, may be 12 or 20 months, and maintenance costs vary according to the subscription period. We also recommend that you just register to find out what’s new on the site by receiving the free newsletter “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah” newsletter.

Try NuVoo is very easy to use and besides their site supports Arabic language.

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They accept payments by credit card, bank transfer, and Bitcoin.


You can register with them from here

3- Genesis Mining Platform
Another equally reliable site is Genesis Mining. It is one of the prime websites for Cloud Mining, and undoubtedly the most trusted with NuVoo, CCG,, and Hashing24. Genesis Mining is the largest Bitcoin cloud mining platform due to the large number of clients and equipment that they have built in Iceland. Bitcoin mining starts from $ 139 / 3rd.

It has a website and the social networking pages linked to the site are always updated.

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Genesis Mining has a different policy than the first two sites. It is “alone” in the second best site for mining bitcoin since the contracts are not always open. These days Genesis Mining has resumed selling BTC contracts, from $ 139 for a 3-year contract with an annual payment.

You must use a VPN to register with it. If you are in an Arab country, you can subscribe from here

4- Hashflare platform
Hahsflare Cloud Mining is a service that offers various plans and allows you to mine ethereum at extremely low rates, including $ 1.4 at the moment.

On the positive side, it has been continuously operating for many years, plus its servers are very fast and have an updated panel every 24 hours that shows a portion of the extracted currency.

If you have not yet started ethereum mining or wish to diversify your investment strategy, this is undoubtedly one of the best options.

Plus, what not to be overlooked: Hashflare guarantees instant payment: usually, within a few minutes it transfers to your wallet.

Hashflare has a very fast support service and the portal is very easy to use.

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Please note that the platform is not receiving or signing new contracts for further notice, but you can visit their site from here

5- Hashing24 platform
He is fifth on our list as we’ve tried and enjoyed his services, payments are accurate, and it is possible to start with $ 20 plans.

It’s following other people’s sites for two reasons:

  1. The website is not very easy to use
  2. Only Bitcoin can be extracted.
    You can register with it from here. You must use a VPN if you are in the Arab region.

After In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Genesis Mining is a company specializing in cryptocurrency mining, and here the first currency circulating on the net is Bitcoin, followed by other alternative currencies such as (Litecoin, Drakcoin, Dogecoin) and many other currencies called ALtcoin.

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It is the first company in the field of cloud mining and it is currently considered one of the most important providers of Bitcoin mining and alternative currencies in the cloud, and it takes care of the quality conditions in its service represented in a website designed in a way that provides ease of opening an account with them and starting the mining. Your needs,

and as soon as you fund the account, you can allocate the hashing power and make the mining process automatic, and to mine the most profitable currencies and convert them into Bitcoin on a daily or weekly basis, and it is also possible to divide the hash rate into different currencies.

Genesis Mining Explained Best Bitcoin Mining Company
Genesis Mining also features a very regular settings panel so that it is easy for us to monitor profits, transfers, upgrade accounts and increase hashing power with ease by clicking on upgrade hashpower when entering the personal account.

Genesis Mining depends on providing high-level customer service and has the most important services that make you comfortable with dealing with them.

Among the most important criticisms of the company:

How will you make sure when you send money to a cloud mining company that they will really reserve a device for mining in your favor, and what will prevent them from splitting the same contract that you booked and reselling it to other customers, and using the new clients’ money to pay weekly profits that were guaranteed to the first customers? This was the criticism put forward by Anderson Gavin.

In response, Marco Strong, co-founder of Genesis Mining, summoned Anderson to tour the company’s facilities and share photos of the headquarters and the powerful equipment they have.

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