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my telenor apk

my telenor mod apk can shake to urge data .But sometime i actually angry because I never get 100 GB.Never expect to urge 1000GB or 100GB it’s all scam they’re going to never ever give u for free of charge .

i exploit my telenor mod apk just for calling.Their network connectivity is so slow. NEVER EXPECT FREE MEALS.And another thing they only keep saying the info shake is random and depends on luck that’s a lie.Mingalarpar! We are very pitying any inconvenience caused.

Kindly request to inform us more details about your connectivity issue at our Telenor Myanmar Facebook page from this link i’m a platinum user but i gave 1 star because you not value the important users and old users, you only buy the new user with new SIM cards. and that i are reach platinum level for an extended time because

i do not get any packages. the probabilities with platinum user are equally an equivalent as normal user except useless Kyo Thone 2400. Is that only what you buy platinum users?
like to use Telenor SIM but i will be able to give u only 3 stars.Because I used this Telenor SIM over 6 years but once I shake I only got 100MB or 200MB, sometime got 5GB this is often the foremost I got.But some new user of Telenor, once they shake 1

or 2 they got 100GB this is often very sad on behalf of me .I think you ought to give more chance for old user like me bez we always trusted & used Telenor for while & we used numerous money for Telenor than other operators.This is my suggestion.

Thanks.BTW I’m Gold Star Menber, I had used telenor since I start use phone.I really love it but, whatever I shake i buy 200MB when other shake they got like 100GB or 150GB .And I always tell myself it’s okay i used to be just unlucky but it’s really annoy me cuz’ it is often happen.So plz bring anyluck to me .

Thank u and plz stay strong my Telenor mod apk for your supporters.I have used telenor since I start to use phone 📱.I have been using that whatever problem,sometime i used to be very patient for that.I like it, my friends told me, a cow due to using telenor.They told me ,it is an enormous thief. Whatever they assert ,I like it.I use it. i’m precious my choice.It is the simplest on behalf of me .

I studied ‘The road I taken’ story ,in my second yr that’s Telenor is that the road I taken so I never back walk.I have been using Telenor to the top .Stay strong Telenor for your supporters.Bye.I like this application .Because once I shake, I got sometimes 10Gb.But, i will be able to give 4 stars.Because you didn’t reply for my suggestiin.When I cannot update this,I send suggestion from you but you didn’t reply

.I was using telenor sim since when i used to be using mobile this app is extremely good stay strong telenor for your supporter. I’m a platinum member, gave u 1 star, bcz u not value the old customer,i just want to vary it back post paid to prepaid,

both of u n ur agent can not help me. Called service center,they answered me only the agent n showroom can help. i feel it’s the simplest service of Telenor. When want to vary prepaid to postpaid, allowed to vary on online or telenor app n want to vary back to prepaid on online, why i can not .

Finally i see, u just want to money n can not help the matter of ur real customer. I find this application almost useless for us – B2B users. It doesn’t give us options to shop for data packs. It doesn’t even show my data balance correctly. I rang “8080” for help. i used to be told to uninstall and reinstall the app but to no avail.. hopeless!!

Telenor should give to as fb night data i like to recommend that there’s no for less than Facebook but also any internet data .And telenor app shal shake plan usually give me 200mb also i like to recommend that for every user at the entire one month should give bonus data just one occasion .How about security of your app ,because I even have been stolen my bill. It’s fake app? and that i must destroy my SIM card because I cannot register because they already registered.

Please, save us my TELENOR mod apk!!!!!Good and satisfy in using and buying pack and such thing except for some users like me we cannot usefully effect with telenor star member effect. We ned more like point system also like MPT and mytel changing for point to MB or the other .I give Telenor App & Operator for 3 Star.

Because i will be able to never received Special Internet Gift Shake Plan and Etc . I’m not received I’m not Winner 100gb,10gb. why??? That I’m Will offer you 3star. due to i’m good mood

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