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boost uc is Very very good app dont install it fake only ,i have collected 70 uc from spin but i can’t spin anymore it shows today’s spins are complete ,I always login and register also it is a good app dont install ,

I don’t want to boost uc give it a single star but you can’t write message without rating, so I want to tell you dont install it it fake no matter how much downloads it have, Kachra h na wo Aryan kiya gaya hai ki ni h toh kauuaa

I have to spent the last seen the best option for me to soucide note 🎵 to the zone and take cover photo mil jaye toh idhar udhar ki baten sunkar man khush hun ki ni shulk shiksha oe mera me padhe bade bhai ke sath maje se paise lekar likh di jabki mene kaha tha wo kiya tha ki coc to the group me know if it had been an extended time the simplest option for you’ll 🥫🥫

I even have to be played online boost uc news 📰📰 to the group wale ni ho skta hai ki vah is there anything. I’ve collected 605 UC and 455 BP but once I attempt to withdraw it it always says but value and that i cant even log in thereto

That’s why im giving 1 star. But if there is a 0 star option i would give it. No use initially I collected nearly 200 UC but after update it showed 0. I again collected more than 500 UC. Guess what, after new update it turned to 0.

This is fake Whenever you spin the wheel it gives you 5 uc and you can only do it twice every day so if you would like to withdraw you’ll t because you would like atleast 600 uc then you can withdraw so you’ve got to stay it for60 days then you can withdraw it and i still dout if you gonna get it after 60 days so please unistall this app, There was not the option of zero stars I will have do zero starts I request to play store plz block this aap.

Trash i did install it and spin the wheel for two time then it says you daily spins is over i hate it I strongly don’t recommend the app for anyone. This is a useless app during this only 2 spin are available and do not get quite 10 points. So please improve it . Other it is the worst app for BC.Fake app…..i waited for 2m and after completing 600uc it asks to register …..

the registration will be failed fake app dont download please …i could have given 0 stars but what to try to to to write down review one star is compulsory. I am using this app from quite 4 months and that i finally reached 600 UC and once I use to withdraw it,

it asks my all details and after I give my personal details it shows loading till 5 minutes and an code word type message comes and says eventually error. I am very hurted. This app is not able the one start but bad luck not less rating then one star don’t download it its total fake and rubbish. Really a really fave app……

I have completed 600 uc till 1 month.. But once I click on withdraw button.. It says that “you do not have enough uc to withdraw “… Pls don’t be fool to install it. I want to inform you all the review watchers this app is completely fake ,.

I have already quite 600 uc but still it says you font have enough provides it 1 star so others might not waste their time. Like also I watched review which were fake and installed it and wasted my 1 year in it without finding other way you will mot understand my feeling it was such a heart breaking moment. Fake fake totally fake.

This guys plays with ur expectation and time. They say daily u will get reward video and u will get 1 free spin. the starting 2 weeks it works great then when u come see for videos they show as reward video isn’t available all the time. This shown continously for 4 days now i’m over.

So guys don’t download this. I am using from 1 month but I am only getting 5 uc and 10 uc. But ok it’s no problem, but till 1 month i’m using the app but after starting the aap but once I am getting to click the reward button so it’s not coming and telling “reward isn’t available at the instant please try again later”and after i’m trying then also it’s not coming.

After 1 week i’m again doing then also it’s not coming. Now my uc(s) are 125.The owner of this app has cheated us i have collected uc and when i think to reedem it is not done .

Here is the login problem. Plese make sure that the login is done or not.Totally fake aap . Just tells you how to complete achievements. You get to spin once each day and you get 10-20 uc but it’s fake,

once you attempt to withdraw it it says that you simply need to have 600uc. It’s been 4 days since I last spinned it and it says that today’s spin has been not completed even after four days .

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