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how to make your name signature

how to make your name signature font is good but it is not a type of thing that people are expecting from a app specially designed for making signs you should also add a feature in which there is a option in which u just have to write your name and it will make you a unique sign which celebrities have (fully scrambled)

but still have characteristics of your name and there should also be a option of refreshing that sign which the app has given to u so if u do not like the sign u can just tap refresh, the sign changes .This is nice app. I would like to give the five rating star. I am a student but there is I don’t make it the sign after school I will doing signature writing because
how to make your name signature

I would to try my best .Wow, it is so nice Game, I will give 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐stars for this app, because when I opened this app, I thinked only I want to write MANUALLY but there is also AUTO SIGNATURE, I liked, this app, it is so cool and fun, but I want more DESIGNS for Signature.Please add more design for more fun: Thank You:Evey time I do something I have to see a DAMN commercial!

If you want to put your one lined ! name on the bottom of the pic after you made your signature you have to guess where it is because you can not see it but love the signature I found on there! Fix a few things and you have a winning app. I will will then give you a 6 STAR.

I liked it very much.It was better than other apps I have used before.But I wish it had more cursive signatures. Anyway it is a good app to use. The signature which this app captures r as simple as any other app which allows you to write texts.

Not met the expectations.Trying to add copyright symbol with signature not supporting. Is there any restrictions on inserting symbols? If yes, then what’s the point of making this software. When I m adding an image to add watermark, it’s getting rotated automatically to 90 degrees left side. I feel the app is user friendly but due to this auto rotation I m not able to understand how to use it..confused.

Took me a few minutes of messing around with the app to figure it out but once you get going it’s simple and fast, if I had a suggestion itd be maybe a light/optional tutorial of how to maneuver the app itself because that was my only issue.I love it .the feature that i can position and resize my logo to where i want it is superb plus application is relatively easy to use.

This is an incredible app for any photographer that wants to protect their intellectual property. I love the ability to have my signature integrated on my best photos!I have purchased the pro version but it wouldn’t allow me to watermark how to make your name signature and save more then one image!! The app now no longer lets me save/share watermarked images.

Please fix the issue as I use this almost everyday but haven’t been able to lately! I’ll rate 5 stars if it’s fixed cos the app is great when if it works properly. Third class app if to use free. Being a hobby photographer cant afford to purchase one.

So no idea of oaid Version. There are some pictures that watermark doesn’t recognize for no reason whatsoever. I’ve tried redownloading the picture, copying it, updating watermark, but no matter what I try, it never recognizes the picture. The only way it can recognize it is by selecting the photo through the gallery, but then watermark doesn’t recognize that it’s a png.

Fix your stupid app!I will say only one thing to this app ki bhai tujhe jisne bhi banaya h badi fursat me banaya h i am giving 5 star to this app because when I am adding watermark to my pics from this app and posting to Instagram 🤳 many likes are comming because of this water mark due to these water marks u will claim many likes in social media so plz try this app a time it’s my humble request how to make your name signature

The app is okay I have paid for pro version But my app is not updated. Even after makings payment, I am able to use extra features, I send the mail on the mail id given, but to they don’t even reply to me. So just be careful if you are updating the version to paid one. theres no way to undo things, so if you accidentally move something, which is easy to do, u have to start over. 2)
how to make your name signature
its not really a multi watermarker either, you still have to place then all yourself making it a nightmare to do still, i like watermarking about 10-20 photo’s at a time and it takes forever to do it with your app. 3) you cannot move entire template so if you need to move it its near impossible to do without it going wrong, you have to move each piece one by one.It was quite good but after adding watermark into every single photo , irritating add comes to the screen . Now I would lyk to remove this from my phone . Thank you how to make your name signature

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