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how to find girls whatsapp group

how to find girls whatsapp group Very good app, do because it says… there’s just one problem that forestalls me on giving this a 5 stars and is that once you activate in order that it auto reply on Telegram the app don’t differentiate between individuals or groups and auto reply on groups even when the auto reply for groupsis turned off.

So I had to turn off the auto reply option for TG and only use it for WS. In WS the app works great so far but would like that they could fix this on TG because I use TG as much as WS.This app is working perfectly once I installed it about fifteen days ago but now its not working. how to find girls whatsapp group

This app is not sending auto message all the time at all. So i request you to fix this. By the way its a great app. But now i have uninstalled this app and looking for another app.Very useful app. It makes easier to send replies even if you are not available.

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It will be perfect if you’ll attach images and audio files and send them as auto reply. I’ll go for the paid version if this function is supported.Perfect, I love it. But if you’ll also add Lite apps for every of the supported apps it might be extra perfect.

I use Telegram X but in order to autoreply to people’s messages I had to install Telegram, which is very slow. Therefore, would be appreciated if you could add that too.It is good but it should have option to change sensitivity for “contains”. It is not working well.

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I have setca been rule of “contains” but is replying only on exact match.Read full… Good app i would like to offer 4 star, but one minus because its speed, how to find girls whatsapp group it not reply anyone on time, it reply few minutes and sometimes take an hour plz solve this issue and make.

Great app! I have tried many more apps but they don’t work but this app “WhatsAuto” is the best. The all who are never busy all time, I suggest them to download this app. Good App!!Its a good app. This app alays can auto reply text from whatsapp immedietly.

So your friend that text you’ll not await you to reply because you’ll change the text that you simply want to use for auto reply text. For example: Im sorry i can’t reply your text now because im busy, but i can text you later .The app is quite simple to use.

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However the custom replies are a little tricky. “contains and exact”Nice and works as said just fine. But adding attachment to an auto-reply are going to be necessary especially for those that also sell products on WhatsApp. It’s great but in future have big problem when two of same app will communicate together. So be prepared advance to app maker.

I want to set that auto reply should be sent only once. But in the same conversation, it autoreplies for each line the other person sends me. Need help.Automatic reply app for social messaging apps Simple activate activate auto reply with single touch, no got to setup an complicated requirements. Contact Matters Always prefer to whom you would like to send an auto reply.

Support Groups We support groups, WhatsAuto can send auto reply to any groups in your messaging app. Support All Messengers We support all popular social messaging apps. With this one app you can be able to send auto reply to any social messaging apps.Its working when the app is on.. But when i closed the apps its Doesn’ working…

I apply all settings but not working properly. Otherwise app is how to find girls whatsapp group was using this app infact its was great but suddenly it stopped working on my infinix s4 I tried all the refresh e.t.c but still not working again. This is a very great app for whatsapp users , it’s a basically a app for auto replying when you are not free. And it’s very eas to use 👍 Graet app.

I have done a payment for premium membership.. amount get deducted but I have not get the membership.. please have a look into it. Considering the additional features available in Premium version, I proceeded to purchase WhatsAuto Premium.

I am never struggling without proper customer support despite contacting your team multiple times. Auto responses are always not working properly which is resulting in loss of my clientele. Can I expect a solution from your team??Very nice app for whatsapp.

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Everyone asks how to use these reply comes within a second. But this app turns off after some time and I have to re launch it, thus should be’s good app especially when you’re a person who tends to get busy often at first i thought it was one of those apps that always close on their own but i was surprised, Makes my phone slow down, hang.

Doesn’t always answer messages, or responds 10 mins later. Makes it seem like I was the one who typed the “auto response” oj .What’s worse a push notification for a promo at 4am, that just made me delete I run two WhatsApp on my phone one personal and one for work and it auto replies to both, would be great if it just replied to the work version I run. how to find girls whatsapp group

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So far it always work very well , we got a small business and it help us how to find girls whatsapp group a lot for notifying that we will get in touch as soon as possible.. will consider upgrading as long ok as everything work- Cheers!ITS NOT DO WORKED EVEN PHONE IS BETER EVEN NETWORKED IS GOOD ITS REPLAY MORE DELAY SOME TIMES 2 HOURSS LATE ALSO DO SOMTHING MAKE IT BETTER PLZZ SOME TIME ITS BECOMES HA
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